Drawing of an astronomer behind a telescope

Everybody knows the Moon is made of cheese... (said Wallace to Gromit)

Who am I?

My name is and I am an amateur astronomer, a member of the Pixels et Cassoulet group. Click on my name to contact me by email.

This website is maily about astroimaging. My hardware is as follow:

  • an Orion 80ED APO refractor for autoguiding and shooting of planets,
  • a GSO 150mm/750mm Newtonian for deep sky photos,
  • a Vixen GP-DX mount with the SkySensor 2000 PC system,
  • a ToUCam webcam.,
  • a Canon 300D digital camera.

I am also part of the Audela Core Team. Audela is a very flexible, free, open-source software and I recommend it highly! This is what I mainly use for astrophotography.

I live in the South of France, about 40 km North of Toulouse so that my night sky is not too bad.